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Hello! I am back. Apologies for the rather long delay.

I have some great tips in terms of getting your makeup spot on for your hair colour.

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Megan X

Medium Brown

“Soft shades of brown—from caramel to chestnut—are the furthest thing from severe; just about any color of makeup complements them.” —Troy Surratt, New York makeup artist 

Because it’s neither too dark nor too light, medium-brown hair gives you a wide range of color options–from earthy neutrals to bold, juicy shades of coral, berry, and pink. 

Dark Brown

“Dark brown hair frames the face, creating a gorgeous canvas for bolder colors.” –Petra Strand, makeup artist; creator, Pixi by Petra

Brunettes whose hair is a rich shade of espresso or chocolate can pull off vibrant, beautiful makeup in hues, like plums, burgundies, reds, and metallics. 


“Play up the mysterious, sexy vibe of black hair by accentuating just one feature with sultry color.” —Jerrod Blandino, founder and creative director, Too Faced Cosmetics

If you have black hair, put the focus on your eyes with smoky shades like charcoal and navy, and keep lips and cheeks subtle with a sheer pink blush.


“Red hair naturally adds warmth to the complexion; colors that have a hint of brown or apricot enhance that without looking too bright.” —Bobbi Brown, author of Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual 

Blessed with a mane of auburn or ginger hair? Try makeup shades that are just as luminous: sheer greens for eyes and dewy pinks for cheeks and lips.


“Since blond hair surrounds your face with light, play up that golden glow with a touch of iridescence.” —Brett Freedman, L.A. makeup artist; founder, Vanitymark Cosmetics 

Whether their locks are a warm honey or a cool wheat tone, blondes look best in sheer shades of peach, pink, gold, and champagne.