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Some kind words from previous clients…

“Can you come to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot with me?” asked a friend. “Don’t forget my wedding that you’re doing a reading at” said another. I was super excited, but also filled with shopping dread. Occasion dressing when you know your style and what looks good on you is a shopping dream. But, when your normal shopping style is jeans, jackets and heels, occasionally thrown in for good measure, occasion shopping is a terrifying experience. Owning no dresses, and with no clue about fashion, I was clueless, flustered and a little shaken. Cue Megan! Fashion’s Fairy Godmother for the clueless. A flick of fairy dust, a “Take-Out Shopping” experience, supported with strong guidance and I was fit for both balls! Ella Walker, account director, early thirties.

“As a busy professional I rarely have the time (or patience!) to go shopping. Megan has helped me save time by investigating the best bargains in town without me having to spend the whole day looking for something to wear. Megan has a fantastic ability to find the right “look” to suit my personality. She always stays on brief, yet at the same time offers combinations and colours I would never consider alone. I have no hesitation in recommending Megan’s services, no matter what your brief!” Andrew, Lawyer.

“Having Megan shopping with me made the experience far less intimidating and opened up a world of new possibilities. She was able to suggest flattering new styles to suit my shape and showed me a couple of tricks that I would not have tried without her advice. Megan’s open and friendly approach enabled a day of shopping that was both liberating and exciting and has led to a more adventurous and creative wardrobe. Thank you!” Bronwen, Head Teacher, 36

“Megan has been long distance styling for me for over three years. She has an incredible knack for finding real gems that not only match my style but really work in Australia. I also have to thank her for the compliments I receive when I wear her outfits.” Katherine, PR, 36

“As a fairly typical male, the less time I spend in the shops, the better. That said, I still enjoy wearing clothes. Megan is always able to find the perfect outfit for me, without me having to set foot in the shops!” Nick, Cricketer, 27

“I desperately needed a wardrobe overhaul and contacted Megan Jones. This was such an amazing investment and I got so much more out of it, than just the clothes. Apart from my beautiful new garments, my self esteem has grown enormously and even I can see how much better I look. People have commented about how much weight I have lost (I have lost none…) and I have a new found confidence in shopping and trying new looks. Working with my personal style and shape, Megan chose pieces that I love and that I know will last for years to come. I strongly recommend Megan as a personal stylist and not only do I have a new found confidence which has affected many areas of my life, but I now really enjoy shopping.” Lynn, Banking, 40

“After another frustrating shopping expedition of looking for clothes that suit me and who I am , I finally decided to turn to a professional to help me out of my fashion slump. I reached out to Megan. My husband thought I was crazy as I live in Sydney, Australia and she in London! Thank goodness for the internet as I sent photos of myself and what / who I would like to look like. Despite the distance, Megan in a short time had me looking and feeling like a million dollars. It has been a first for me to be stopped in the street to receive compliments on what I was wearing and I am now the envy of most of my friends. THANK YOU MEGAN!!!” Lianne, Company Director, 34

“The benefit of having a stylist with you when doing performing a wardrobe detox, is that it makes the process bearable and provides good company with a sense of style when one is unsure on colour, shape and volume. The result is that I can now go into my wardrobe and see everything and have the confidence that all the clothes will now be worn and not there for just in case. It is a pleasure to open my wardrobe now; my clothes are no longer creased and I can see everything. All the clothes now have an order and purpose for being there. Meg was a pleasure to have in my home and I can say that it was a lot of fun rather than a chore and I love the result! I have booked her to come back when we change to summer; again I have too much that I have accumulated over many years.” Glenda, Fund Manager, “fifty something!”

“Being pregnant made finding an outfit for my birthday, more of a challenge. I wanted to feel beautiful and not enormous! Megan was able to select something that I absolutely love, felt gorgeous in AND that I can wear after my baby is born as it was not a maternity item. Thanks so much!” Trisha, Manager, 36