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What does this go with?

Posted by Megan on August 9, 2011

I have decided to dedicate the next few blogs to common issues I am discovering whilst performing “wardrobe detoxes”. Most issues are coming from female clients, so most of these blogs will the directed at the ladies out there. I put this down to the fact that there are more “compulsive” female shoppers, than men, in my experience!!

If I had a pound for every time I heard a client say: “I bought this, but I have no idea what to wear it with!” I would be heading for retirement!

Now, more than ever, as times get a little tougher, it is important to shop more cleverly. The best way to get the most out of a wardrobe, is to buy basics and accessorise. If you’re not confident with accessories, then think along the lines of a plain black / navy / nude dress and a colourful belt or cardigan or shoes, so you start with a basic piece and you can change the “add ons”. When you get more confident, you can start adding necklaces etc. It is however important not to over-accessorise. Pick one thing that you want to stand out and keep the rest simple. If the dress you have chosen is a statement  in itself (is bright / has a one shoulder feature etc), it may not need accessorising.

Buying too many clothes with a pattern can cause issues as individual pieces will not be able to be worn together.  Patterns need to be paired with basics, as a general rule. A few bright pieces can breathe life into a wardrobe, but don’t get carried away!

So when you are next out shopping and you fall in love with a floral, cropped jacket, ask yourself what you will wear it with, before you buy it.

 Megan X