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We are all unique

Posted by Megan on January 30, 2012
I conducted a little experiment this week, in the hopes of being able to pass a link onto you for access to a very detailed, personalised style report from a competitor site.
I asked 3 friends to do the experiment with me and unfortunately, we were all left a little disappointed.
There are definitely some great tips in our reports, but we all felt that it was very difficult choosing some of the options like face shape and particularly body shape.
As an example, I opted for a rectangle as that is the closest to me that there is, but in my report, I was told I had fabulous slim legs … trust me, I don’t. I know how to dress for my legs, but thay are far from my best feature.
What this exercise has reminded me is that it is incredibly difficult to catergorise a body shape … we are most often a combination of at least 2 body shapes and therefore dressing well requires an understanding our good and bad points, combined with our personality!
I think the key to doing a successful style report for me is to meet my client in person or at the very least, get a range of photos, where distance prevents a face to face meeting.
I am not saying that there is no merit in a non-personal variety, but then I think you need to learn to filter out what does not apply to you.
Have a great week