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To mini, to midi or to maxi?

Posted by Megan on May 17, 2011

With summer banging on our door in the UK and with the sun shining most of the time in the Southern hemisphere(!), skirt lengths seems to be a big question at the moment!.

We are obviously influenced by the catwalks and consequently, by what is available in stores, BUT, all length skirts can generally be found with a little looking! My rule of thumb here is to wear what suits your body type and legs, rather than what suits a gorgeous gazelle strutting down the catwalk! (That tends to be my rule for all clothes!)

The midi length skirt is the inspiration behind today’s blog as it is very “in” but it is also an incredibly difficult length to wear. The problem with the midi is that it cuts most legs across the widest part of the calf and this ends up making our legs look a lot larger than they are, and as a consequence, us shorter. It doesn’t matter how shapely calves are – if they are cut at their widest part, legs will look larger.

If you are desperate for a midi, here is a great example that still works as the slimmer part of the leg is visible under the lace. Available from ASOS for £35.

If you love the midi, just shop around and be aware of where it cuts your calves!

In terms of  maxis – they tend to look good on everyone. They are a great staple to have in the wardrobe and there is just something about a maxi which is incredibly feminine!

If you happen to be blessed with legs that can take a mini, then GO FOR IT. There are stunning minis everywhere. Zara has is having a colour party at the moment and their minis will not break the bank!

Happy shopping!

Megan X