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Sleek Chic

Posted by Megan on June 13, 2011

Today’s blog is dedicated to a my friend Michelle, who is in isolation at the Hammersmith hospital, waging war with the dreaded cancer. My bet is firmly on Michelle.

So far her treatment has stolen her hair and she and I were chatting last week about ways to glam up the hairless look when she gets out of hospital … because you will get out, Michelle!!

To be perfectly honest, she is so beautiful, that she doesn’t need glamming help … but it did get me thinking and investigating about what looks are out there.

I was delighted to discover that there are still some turbans around which is still a throw back from Sex and the City 2. Thanks SJP!!

There are also some absolutely stunning scarves. Have a look on www.ASOS.com or have a walk around Topshop. I saw some gorgeous summery ones there yesterday!!

I have also discovered this fantastic site, catering specifically for those who have hair loss issues: http://www.suburbanturban.co.uk/shop/shop.asp?id=84&pid=84&cid=33&pcid=0

There are certainly gorgeous solutions out there … but if you are walking around, rocking the “sleek chic” look as a result of an illness, hold your heads up and win that battle!!

 Megan X