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Reading musts

Posted by Megan on January 9, 2012

Today, instead of chatting about new year’s resolutions gone wrong, I actually wanted to share the last three books I read last year, with you as they all get five glorious stars from  me!!

1)      When God Was a Rabbit, by Sarah Winman

I new absolutely nothing about the book when I bought and I can honestly now say that it is one of the most wonderful books I have ever read. It is BEAUTIFULLY written. Do yourself a favour and get it now!

“Spanning four decades and moving between suburban Essex, the wild coast of Cornwall and the streets of New York, this is a story about childhood, eccentricity, the darker side of love and sex, the pull and power of family ties, loss and life. More than anything, it’s a story about love in all its forms”

2)      The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I knew a little more about this one and had heard good reviews and I was not disappointed. Again, beautifully written. A story of bravery, friendship and achievement across racial barriers.

3)      How to Be a Woman

Absolutely hilarious and stunning. I challenge any woman not to be able to relate to at least one of the chapters. For the men out there … a very funny look “behind the curtain”. I am still laughing and finished the book last week.(Christine, thanks for the recommendation!)

As it says on the tin – a book about being a woman and the different stages (often mad) that we go through.