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Affordable luxury

Posted by Megan on April 3, 2012

I was lucky enough to have a meeting with Nicola McClafferty – CEO and Co-Founder of Covetique.com last week. Not only is Nicola stunningly beautiful, but she is extremely driven, intelligent and absolutely lovely! (I know – I wanted to hate her, but couldn’t!!)

So many of us “covet” luxury designer items that are out of reach because of their price tags. Covetique brings pre-owned luxury items to the market at affordable prices. Their sellers and items are carefully selected and authenticity is guaranteed. Many of the items still have price tags as they have never been used! All items are gift wrapped in gorgeous packaging to add to the experience and all items are returnable – not that you will be wanting to return anything!

Covetique officially launches this week (although they have been live a while now). Take a look and remember to keep them in your favourites as you never know what gorgeous stock they will get in next! 


Also, if you have luxury items you are wating to sell (in good condition), this might be the perfect site to sell them on.

Megan X


Posted by Megan on March 26, 2012

Firstly, HAPPY SPRING. Isn’t this sunshine just the best thing, ever!!

I know that storage can be an issue in London so I wanted to share my new “baby” with you to show you how you can be a little creative and maybe make a feature out of a storage solution. I was having an issue with shoe storage (I am sure I am not alone here) so I decided to get something built that would showcase my lovely shoes … let’s face it, shoes are gorgeous and should be seen … Now I see my shoes as I walk into my bedroom and they make me VERY happy!

Megan X

The cat’s whiskers

Posted by Megan on March 19, 2012

I was doing a wardrobe detox on Saturday at a client’s house and she invited a friend along to spectate. Not only was said friend the perfect wingman to back up all my comments about what to keep and what to absolutely never wear again, but she shared the most perfect description with me for the oppostite of a camel toe – when the inner thigh area is too tight and there is a pulling on either side of zip (usually of trousers and jeans) … Yip … ”The cat’s whiskers”. It is the PERFECT desciption and will be used from here on out!  This is a look to be avoided at all costs. Whiskers belong on cats!

Megan X

Your one stop pop of colour shop

Posted by Megan on March 9, 2012

If anyone is in need of lifting their mood with a bright pair of shoes (maybe even in neon in keeping with Spring trends), log onto http://www.kurtgeiger.com/

They stock a huge brand variety from their own to Mc Q.

There are gorgeous new shoes and accessories for men and women.

Megan X

Men’s Spring-Summer 2012 Trends

Posted by Megan on March 5, 2012

Following on from last week’s ladies’ trend report, I thought I would give a little guidance for the men out there wanting to splash out on a few Spring items, now that the temperatures have improved so much?

1) Blues: Thankfully blue suits most skin tones, so if you are thinking of adding any colour to your wardrobe, go blue!

2) Coloured suits: Not for everyone, but for those in creative roles, why not give them a go!

3) Wider legged trousers: These are not the only width around, but wider trousers have definitely returned.

4) Cropped lengths: A definite trend across catwalks and again, perhaps best left to creatives!

5) Printed shirts: Not quite from a Hawaiian party theme, but similar(!) - Guaranteed to bring a smile to those around you!

Happy shopping

Megan X

Ladies’ Spring Trends

Posted by Megan on February 27, 2012

With the weather on the up and Spring clothes FINALLY in shops, I thought I would run through some key trends to look out for if you are wanting to update your wardrobe a little and be on-trend!

1)     Crop tops: Certainly not for everyone but still very much around after making an appearance last year.

2)     Bell / tulip / 50’s tailoring is thankfully around to stay. It is feminine and flattering to most shapes.

3)     Roaring 20’s: This style is absolutely stunning but usually best left for very slim, uncurvy shapes

4)     Sport Lux: A personal favourite of mine as I am a huge fan of a more relaxed style of dressing.

5)     Under the Sea: Sea life has been a big influence for Spring fashion

6)     Pastels: After the explosion of brights last year, pastels are now dominating the shops.

7)     Neon: If pastels are not for you, try the new neon trend for some flashes of brightness!

Lengths have really varied as have cuts so go with what suits you. There will be something out there for everyone! Remember that pastels don’t suit everyone. If you feel a little washed out, add a little warmth to your face with makeup. For the twenties trend, there is nothing to prevent anyone from buying a 20’s inspired top to pair with jeans or trousers, if you love the era and don’t have a slim column shaped body. Accessorise with the right hair and makeup and you are smoking!


Megan X

Dress Hire

Posted by Megan on February 20, 2012

People often contact me in a panic about an upcoming weddings or other occasions for which they have “nothing to wear”.

A lot of you will be familiar with this type of site, but for those who aren’t, dress hire for an occasion is certainly an alternative to buying something you never wear again. It can still cost about £100 for a 7 day hire period, but you will have access to dresses far in excess of that in value!


Megan X

New discovery

Posted by Megan on February 14, 2012

We all know that I am a little obsessed with statement jewellery … so you can imagine my joy when I heard about a designer who ticks every box for me: Lucy Hutchings

OMG. Take a look on her site and good luck with being able to resist!


Megan X

We are all unique

Posted by Megan on January 30, 2012

I conducted a little experiment this week, in the hopes of being able to pass a link onto you for access to a very detailed, personalised style report from a competitor site.
I asked 3 friends to do the experiment with me and unfortunately, we were all left a little disappointed.
There are definitely some great tips in our reports, but we all felt that it was very difficult choosing some of the options like face shape and particularly body shape.
As an example, I opted for a rectangle as that is the closest to me that there is, but in my report, I was told I had fabulous slim legs … trust me, I don’t. I know how to dress for my legs, but thay are far from my best feature.
What this exercise has reminded me is that it is incredibly difficult to catergorise a body shape … we are most often a combination of at least 2 body shapes and therefore dressing well requires an understanding our good and bad points, combined with our personality!
I think the key to doing a successful style report for me is to meet my client in person or at the very least, get a range of photos, where distance prevents a face to face meeting.
I am not saying that there is no merit in a non-personal variety, but then I think you need to learn to filter out what does not apply to you.
Have a great week

Don’t neglect your skin

Posted by Megan on January 23, 2012

Looking great is not just about how well we put outfits together and how well we know our body shapes and skin tone (although these are very important!!) … but a vital part of looking good is looking after our skin.

Invest in skincare products that suit your skin type and your budget and ensure that you get into a routine of washing your face and moisturising TWICE daily … even on the nights when you have had far too many(!) and all you want to do is to go to bed.

Another thing to consider is regular facials … with all the specials on the daily deal websites such as Groupon and Keynoir etc, you can get an hour facial for £20.

For those of you like me who love a bit of a tan … look to the bottle (of selftan!!). For a youthful complexion, always have an SPF in your moisturiser.

My favourite selftan product by a mile is hi-she Express Liquid Tan: http://www.he-shi.eu/productdetails/919/he-shi-express-liquid-tan-150ml/

I am absolutely useless at self tan application and even I manage to get this one right, without hideous streaks.

Have a great week

Megan X