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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Posted by Megan on October 10, 2011

Today I am back with a MAJOR issue that I discovered during the Keynoir detox special that I ran:

An alarming number of people do not own full length mirrors!!

I can honestly say that this shocked me. If you don’t know exactly how you look from ALL angles before you leave home, there is a chance that you don’t look as good as good as you think you look!  On the flipside - burying your head in the sand and refusing to  look in the mirror, will not stop everyone else seeing you!

Sometimes something can look fabulous from the front and a complete disaster from behind. (This does tend to be true in women, more than men, but I think both sexes should look at their backviews!) A good outfit will look great from all sides.

Knowing our body and body shape and seeing it every day will ensure that we keep dressing correctly to our own gorgeous shape!

Megan X