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Men’s Spring-Summer 2012 Trends

Posted by Megan on March 5, 2012

Following on from last week’s ladies’ trend report, I thought I would give a little guidance for the men out there wanting to splash out on a few Spring items, now that the temperatures have improved so much?

1) Blues: Thankfully blue suits most skin tones, so if you are thinking of adding any colour to your wardrobe, go blue!

2) Coloured suits: Not for everyone, but for those in creative roles, why not give them a go!

3) Wider legged trousers: These are not the only width around, but wider trousers have definitely returned.

4) Cropped lengths: A definite trend across catwalks and again, perhaps best left to creatives!

5) Printed shirts: Not quite from a Hawaiian party theme, but similar(!) - Guaranteed to bring a smile to those around you!

Happy shopping

Megan X