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Men in shorts

Posted by Megan on May 24, 2011

Following on from last week’s blog about women and skirt lengths, I thought I would write about the “fairer sex” this week.

Men also have choices to make regarding their shorts lengths and this is dependent on an individual’s height and how shapely their calves are. If you want to get it right, it is not just a case of throwing on some clothes and hoping for the best!!

There may not be the hugest choice in terms of styles of shorts out there, but this can actually be a good thing as more choice can equal more that can go wrong! Find a style that suits you and buy a few colours to make your life easier! Cargo / combat shorts work on most men and they look great. For a younger look, go for more pockets and possibly the military print. For a slightly older look, stick to basic khaki colours (don’t go too light as they tend to make legs look very pale) and keep board-shorts for the beach!

Shorts length is very important, believe it or not! The safest length for all shapes and sizes, is just above the knee. Longer or 3/4 lengths should only be worn by taller men as they will make you look shorter than you are. If you are going to go for a 3/4 length,  never let the shorts length cut your calf at its widest point. Even if you have fabulous calves, the shape will not be seen and the shorts will not only hide your calves, but also make your legs look on the large side, rather than shapely! Always aim to have the shorts end at a point where your calves are tapering in to the knee. This will show the lovely shape of your calves. The best point for longer shorts is just below the knee as this is the slimmest part of the calf.

Pair with a plain t-shirt and either flip-flops, sandals or trainers for a fail-proof relaxed, weekend look. If you are going to get your feet out, make sure your feet look presentable (clean with clipped nails!).

Megan X