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Leggings are not trousers!

Posted by Megan on November 21, 2011

Leggings have become like a second skin for many and their growing popularity has meant that there are all sorts of colours and prints available everywhere. When worn well and on the right body shapes, this can be a good thing, but leggings are not designed for everyone.

Essentially, leggings should be thought of as thick tights. They are not meant to be worn as trousers unless you have a body like Kate Moss and even then, they can give the dreaded camel toe! Even if you manage to escape the camel toe, people taking the escalators behind you do not want to know what colour knickers you are wearing! Leggings leave nothing to the imagination and most are slightly (or very) see through and will show cellulite.

At the very least, wear with a long t-shirt that fully covers your bum … and again, this is only true if you have the shape and size legs that look good in leggings. Not all fashion is for everyone. The bottom line to dressing well and looking stylish, is to dress correctly to your body shape (and colouring).

Megan X