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Ladies, should you be wearing the trousers?

Posted by Megan on September 12, 2011

Trousers are notoriously difficult to buy for most women (very slim, athletic shapes, aside). For those of us with “problem” bums and thighs, read on: In many of my Wardrobe Detox sessions lately, I have been trying to demonstrate that trousers can end up being the most unflattering items in our wardrobes!

This may sound like a sweeping statement, but the reason for it is that trousers show the shape / size of each thigh and the bum whereas skirts and dresses are a sheath around the bum and thighs and the problem areas are therefore not highlighted as clearly and the net result is a much more flattering and slimmer silhouette!

However, if you are going to choose trousers, here are some body-shape trouser style tips to consider when shopping:

You may now be in a flat panic about whether this statement also applies to our beloved jeans. The good news is that denim is generally far more structured than most trouser fabrics and therefore tends to have a “corseting” effect for our bum and thighs! Whew! But if you are wide around the rear, be careful not to wear tops that stop at your widest part as this will emphasise that part (aim for it to stop abover or below that widest section).

So, the moral of the story is: Dresses and skirts tend to be a more flattering choice but if you are married to your trousers, shop carefully!

Megan X