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Find a formula and stick to it … well, nearly!

Posted by Megan on August 22, 2011

Over the past couple of months I seem to have come across two extremes of wardrobes and clients. There are clients who can’t seem to decide what suits them, so they have a bit (or a lot!) of everything and then those who know what suits them and they therefore have a lot of one thing.

Knowing what suits you is very important and rather have a lot of what suits you, than a lot of what doesn’t, BUT, having too much of the same thing can be very boring. The best way to spice things up a little, is with accessories. Add a vibrant belt or shoes or necklace or scarf and then change those again the next time you wear the same outfit. The accessory(ies) will become the focal point of the outfit.

When looking at your casual wardrobe, try to get different washes of jeans, even if they are in exactly the same cut … an indigo wash and more faded pair in the same cut will look very different. If you like the blazer and jeans look, make sure you have something that is slightly more relaxed (maybe jersey fabric) and one that is far more structured. Play around with lengths a little too.

Basically, if you feel bored of your clothes because they are all too similar, you will not feel your best and consequently you will not look your best!

Megan X