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Don’t let the weather get you down …

Posted by Megan on July 18, 2011

I know, easier said than done when we seem to be in the middle of monsoon season, rather than mid-summer!

 A lot of clients are asking me for tips to beat the rainy blues. My answer is always the same … keep up the colour! Seeing bright colours on you and other people WILL lift your mood. If you are having to dig out some black and grey staples that are normally reserved for colder weather, go bright with your accessories! Buy a bright umbrella or a bright rain coat … this fun one is from ASOS and is only £30. 

Think bright shoes and necklaces and nail polish … it will lift your mood, I promise.

Another tip I have for saving gorgeous shoes in this rainy weather is to carry a pair of flip flops in your bag with you … it doesn’t matter if you get them and your feet wet … both dry and your favourite shoes will stay dry and gorgeous until you reach your destination, when you can discreetly pop them on and look effortlessly stylish, while those around you squelch!