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Do gym clothes matter?

Posted by Megan on November 29, 2011

This might be down to opinion, but it is my blog, so I am going to give you my opinion! My answer is YES, they should.

Pulling on an over-sized t-shirt that is 15 years old and pairing it with voluminous tracksuit bottoms cannot be a pretty site when you see yourself in the gym mirrors and let’s face it, gyms are not short of mirrors!

The rules for gym clothes are no different to our other clothes – they need to fit you properly and they need to be in colours that suit your skin tone. The colour rule is far more important that you think and if you tend to go red during your workouts, it will only be highlighted by an uncomplimentary colour top!

Wearing oversized, old baggy clothes will not hide anything – it will only make you look and feel larger than you are and there is nothing worse than being at gym and feeling like you have got bigger … all that hard work will appear to be for nothing.

Spend a little money on some new gym kit that you look forward to putting on. You will be amazed at the motivation it gives you!!

Megan X