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Crowning Glory

Posted by Megan on November 7, 2011

Believe it or not, your hair can be one of your best accessories. Given that we essentially “wear” every day, it is worth spending money on it in terms of haircuts and hair products. It is funny how we won’t think twice about spending a couple of hundred pounds on a wedding outfit that we wear once or twice, but we complain bitterly about spending money at hair salons.

Armed with a good cut and style, don’t be afraid to really play around with hair. Whilst gents may be a little more limited, you can still change it up with a change of parting, use of gel etc. For ladies with longer hair, the sky is your limit. Try updos and curling tongs and straighteners and different partings. Just remember to use heat sprays etc to protect your hair.

Subtle changes in your hair style can really change your look.

Have fun!

Megan X