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Colours and your skin tone

Posted by Megan on August 1, 2011

With the sun FINALLY making an appearance, Autumn clothes and colours are filling the shops which can make things tricky.

Whilst I am not a slave to the skin tone versus seasonal colour rules, there are definitely some colours that some of us need to avoid (or avoid wearing near our face) and shopping for a new season with a suntan, can cause issues.

Not everyone can wear Autumn colours well –  I am one of those people. I did a little testing over the weekend and tried various shirts and they all looked good as I have a suntan but I know that these colours will drain my untanned skin.

What I would suggest is that unless you know that Autumn colours are great on you, avoid buying anything that will sit near your face and rather go for skirts, trousers, shoes and possibly even jackets, until the remnants of your suntan have left you and you are able to see if the top you are trying makes you looked drained, or not!

Happy shopping

Megan X