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Blouse for president!

Posted by Megan on October 17, 2011

A few years ago, the word “blouse” would have conjured up thoughts of my nana, but things have changed recently and the blouse has become one of THE items to buy this year and there are good reasons why.

If you are thinking about doing a “wardrobe detox” (http://meganjonesstyling.co.uk/packages), take a look at your shirt collection and consider parting with a few and replacing them with a blouse or two!

In my opinion, the blouse has replaced the work shirt for women and this is why:

 1)      Blouses hang better than shirts because of their softer fabric and therefore follow the female form better than the stiffer blouse and will give a more flattering silhouette;

2)       Because of the softness of the fabric, blouses can be tucked in without bunching around the waist and adding bulk and let’s face it – that is NOT what we are after!

3)      Because the fabric is less stiff, blouses that do have buttons will tend not to gape over the bust area in the same way as shirts do;

4)      There is a wider variety of colours and cuts of blouses to keep you on trend!

Happy shopping

Megan X