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Online shopping …. friend or foe?

Megan | April 16, 2013

To be honest, there is no “right” answer because a lot of people refuse to have their card details on record at any online suppliers. Maybe they are the wise ones!

If you don’t fall into this cautious category however and have just not tried internet shopping, let me sing its praises. Bearing in mind part of my job is hitting the shops with my lovely clients, it is quite odd that I am such a fan of avoiding the shops!

For me, the beauty of it lies in the fact that there are no HIDEOUS store mirrors to contend with … I swear, it is not possible to have as much cellulite as the mirrors “say” I do! Also, you can try on what you have ordered with the jeans or shoes or dress etc. that you want to wear it with AND you can avoid crowds. Now, I absolutely love living in London, but it does not mean that I am a lover of queues and crowds in a busy Oxford Street.

Stores are making the online experience better and better. Delivery and returns and often free (ASOS.com have a annual membership for £14.95 which will get you free next day delivery and collections for that year) and for those of you who cannot receive or have parcels collected from work, many online stores have signed up to Collect Plus. There is very likely to be a collection / drop off point either near your work or home, so returning things is a breeze – this is a huge improvement from having to queue in the Post Office. Bear in mind, Royal Mail also have an online postage facility so once you have an account set up, you can create postage and send parcels without having to queue in the Post Office in any case! Refunds for returns tend to be processed very quickly too (store dependant).

All Saints and Ted Baker are two High Street stores that rather annoyingly, only issue credit notes for any in-store purchases, whereas items bought online, are fully refunded … another bonus!

A lot of people ask me how one gets there sizing right – trial and error. You will very quickly learn which brands fit “true to size” and which don’t.

Food for thought. I you have been considering the “plunge”, seriously, try it! It could literally change your life! :-)

Megan X